Questioning Tuesday #4

As much as I would like to apologize for my lack of blogging more than once a week, I won’t. I have been making intentional changes in my life to declutter and destress. This blog, at times, causes me stress as I worry over offending someone or not being with it on here. I disagree with another blogger who said even if you don’t feel like writing, write. Nope, you can’t force it. When you force it, it’s fake and people can see it.

So onto today’s post…
I read something from Rick Warren that said “Nothing can sabotage your life mission faster than a wrong relationship.” It’s true. At first glance in my younger days I would have argued that is false. Every relationship is helpful to your life, it comes in at the time in which you are needing it the most. However, given the many relationships, whether dating or friendships, I have changed my tune. You can be thrown wildly off-track with the greatest of ease when you delve into a wrong relationship, or attempt to salvage one that should never have begun.

Today’s question is this:
Are you in a relationship that is wrong for not only you, but for the other person? Are you both simultaneously ruining your mission, the mission God has given specifically to each of you?

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