Questioning Tuesday #3

Last week, I struggled. I have to be honest and transparent in that. It was a rough week, and a long one at that. In hindsight, it was an opportunity for me to stretch and really rely upon God to work through me. It would have been great to open myself up to Him to restore me. Instead I grew lax and stepped back rather than forward. While I now must seek to restore my relationship with Christ, I also see where I can learn and understand from last week. Possibly, just maybe, I needed to learn from it rather than stretch forward. That I really do not know. Ultimately a question arose from all the happenings last week, which was something I wanted to pose to you today.

In times of stress, weariness, and frustrations, how do you cope? Do you cope within yourself or do you seek God?

In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul.-Psalm 94:19

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