Questioning Tuesday #2

I think we all know my rampant respect for Jon Acuff. The man cracks me up on how he nails Christian satire on the head. And how he can, without a doubt, make me cry at my desk on Wednesday mornings with his Serious Wednesday posts. God has most definitely given him the gift of writing. Today I was listening to Dave Ramsey Live as Jon spoke about the Quitter Conference he is holding here in Nashville next month. He said “Dreamers dream and doers do.” It’s quite true when you think about it. We all dream of something big, the next thing in our lives, whether that’s a job, a house, kids, or for those of us who are single, that perfect mate. So very rarely do we pursue that beyond dreaming. Dreamers are everywhere, doers are few and far between.

So today, right now, are you a dreamer or are you a doer? What has been holding you back from the dream you’ve had?

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