Did you know that was in the Bible?!

Once before I have read through the Bible. Exactly once. So of course that makes me an expert on knowing exactly everything that is in it, all that it contains, each and every verse.

It was with great surprise this morning to read Genesis 8. You see, I stumbled across a passage that lit up and pointed to a deeper image of God’s relationship with me. As Noah is sending out the dove to see if the waters from the flood have receded, “but the dove found no resting place for the sole of her foot, and she returned into the ark to him.” (NIV) That is directly speaking to me, and how I return to God finding no rest in any other thing this world offers. It’s a picture of salvation to me. A glimpse at how I turn from Him to seek out my own way, my own path that the world offers, yet I return to Him. He welcomes me into His covenant with Him.

I love that thought. The picture of God drawing me into His embrace, His shelter from a world that I leave Him for too often. He welcomes me with the sight of pure joy and embrace. My prayer is never to seek out the world to replace God, trusting Him to protect and provide when the waters are raging, knowing He builds the safest shelter, the sturdiest home, and in that I can rest the sole of my foot.

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