What We Want, Not What We Need

Several Christmases ago, I asked for a Peyton Manning jersey. I had my eye on one for over that last year, and finally decided to ask for it for Christmas. Christmas came, and went, with no Peyton jersey. As much as I would like to admit I wasn’t let down, and possibly thought Christmas was ruined, I did pout just like a petulant child. I had received much more than many people would get at Christmas, not to mention a loving home and family to share it with. That was the furthest thing from my mind. It was the thing I wanted, but did not receive.

Why is it that we so often want what we cannot have? Or, what we are told specifically to steer clear of? As a child I remember being told to stay away from the stove, to not play in the street, and not to touch my dad’s tools. All things I inevitably got into trouble for going after and doing.

It all comes back, for me, to the moment in Genesis 2 where God shows Adam the Garden, saying all of this is his but he is not to partake of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. One thing, among all the Garden held. I often like to condemn Adam with my own judgement. Asking him, “Why? How could you?” and then I inevitably turn on Eve as well, saying, “I’ll have a good talking to with her when I get to heaven.” Here’s the rub. I do it. I do the exact same thing daily. Due to the Fall, yes. But do to my selfish will too. I choose desiring over things I should not, while turning aside from all that God has given. I choose sinfulness and distraction because of my flesh.

Instead, as the new year begins, stop wanting after those things in which you should not have. Let’s move forward in this new year…thanking God for all His blessings. Look around, you are engulfed in a sea of blessings wherever and whoever you are. Praise Him from which all blessings flow.

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