What Hurts the Most…

Last week many of the individuals that I traveled to Haiti with this summer had the great privilege to go back. I was excited for them to get to go…what an opportunity to go back and see those kids so soon. I prayed for them as they prepared and while they were gone. I know what it was like, to experience all that we did, and be hit with culture shock coming back.

Tonight however it hit me, hard. One of the girls posted photos of the trip and my heart broke. I know I should not feel this way and I should still be so excited for them. But to quote a favorite movie of mine, “it’s just plain ol’ jealousy is all.” I know that. But seeing those kids made me miss them all over again and yearn to be there with them, working with them, and loving on them.

Couple all the emotion of that with a note from Adam while they were there about my sponsor kid (whom I co-sponsor with my friend Tonya) and a tweet from Meg that she had my photo and was asking for me. It was all too much for me tonight. This flood of emotion just came pouring out…Haiti changed me more than I thought, more than I had planned. I pray I am able to go back there in 2012. My plan is to go in May with a team. Please pray for the kids at the orphanage, as well as those around the property. The pictures from this trip were heartbreaking to say the least, but made me thankful for One Vision and how they support those kids.

So my thankfulness for yesterday: God’s plans are greater and grander than our own.
I am thankful today for One Vision and their provision from God in the care of the kids.

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