We are the 2%

If you are reading this post, you are the 2%. If you had three meals today, you are the 2%. If you drove to work, you are the 2%. If you have clothes on your back, you are the 2%.

I do not normally get on a political soapbox very often, unless I am very passionate about a particular cause. However, the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Nashville stories have struck a nerve. You are protesting outside…getting ticked when you are escorted off property that is not yours. Filing lawsuits against the governor. Here’s my rub on this…you have a home to go to each night! You have a warm home and a job to be at, and yet you choose to sit out and be a spur in the side of the “system” as you call it. So here’s what I propose, while you continue to protest, your homes and jobs will be occupied by those out of work, those laid off, those homeless who have lived on those sidewalks for YEARS.

Being residents of the United States, we are blessed to be in the 2% of the world’s wealthiest. Do you realize that? We sit atop the heap and yet complain that it’s not just how we want it. It’s not crafted to fit our comfortable lifestyles and make it happen now attitudes. How about instead, we be thankful for what we do have, freedom to vote, food in our stomachs, and roofs over our heads?

I am the 2%.

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