My Simple Prayer Tonight…

As I was driving home tonight, something occurred to me. A small prayer flashed before me, and one I wanted to share. Lord, let not the devil’s temptations blind me from Your glorious will.

Simple I know, but for me, I think I might have been pursuing what I thought was God’s will, when in fact I have been blind to the devil’s temptation. I know we are often distracted and masked by the devil’s deception but I was thoroughly blinded by something I felt was so good and from God. Unfortunately God showed up and showed me that was not from Him. That’s how I viewed it…as an unfortunate circumstance from God. That’s when He changed my perspective.

It was a lesson I needed to learn. I wasn’t being faithful in bringing everything to Him. I was trusting that any good thing was from Him, anything that was deceptively good. That’s where the trouble lies with all of us…it’s not the inherently bad things that trip us up in the faith. It’s the deceptively good things. That’s where the devil got me too. When I feel like I am above and beyond the need for God is when He reminds me He is the Sovereign Lord and I am Sara.

My prayer is that I am ever watchful for the snares and temptations the devil places in my path that may seem good, that may seem right, but in the end only bring about destruction and pain.

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