"With Everything, With Everything, We Will Shout for Your Glory…."

“But to You I have cried out, O LORD, And in the morning my prayer comes before You.”-Psalm 88:13

I have found myself, most recently, living into this verse. The revelation of it had not fully become clear that I was until this morning.

Back story: For those of you who are not aware, I have bouts of insomnia regularly. It began a couple of years ago and got worse within the last year. Since my move, however, I have thankfully not really dealt with any serious issues. (I attribute that to my constant state of being worn out from life at a faster pace). This morning though, I was awoken at midnight and 4 am. I assumed I would fall back into a good slumber at 4am as that has happened on occasion as well. This time, God had other plans. I have to admit, I feel rested and awake-not zombie like as typically the case when I am awake at this hour.

As I was lying there, I kept thinking that as of late, my prayer time has been such a treasure and blessing. The time I have in the presence of God to give praise and honor is so joyous. I look forward to it. I cannot wait to thank Him for all He has done. I yearn to go before my Great Intercessor, Christ, to pray for others. It energizes me, excites me, and I have found I am digging deeper in prayer time than previously. I have found also that I am not just reserving the mornings for prayer now, I am lifting up His Name throughout the day, something I had not really done much of if I am being honest.

Prayer time is a very intimate part of the relationship I have with God and in Christ. It’s such an honor to come into the very presence of God to lay down all that I am and give Him all He is due, although words do not fully express my heart’s cry to Him on some days. There are times I sit in awe, knowing I am unworthy to be able to have the privilege of prayer. There are times when I cry out in anger, knowing it’s sinful derivation, seeking repentance for my choices and actions when I was not in fellowship and righteousness with Him.

The joy and peace that prayer has delivered into my life as of late is gut-wrenchingly obvious to probably only me. That’s okay, as I live out my relationship with Christ, and I desire and seek more of Him, He manifests Himself in me in some truly amazing ways. Inwardly He is pushing outward, to be known through me, and I firmly believe the power of prayer is another way in which He seeks to accomplish this. When you scale it all away, how amazing is it to know you are being prayed for by someone else? They are taking you before the King, your needs and heart’s desires, your hurt and pain, your illness and suffering, your praises of thanksgiving and blessing.

“If I could hear Christ praying for me in the next room, I would not fear a million of enemies. Yet the distance makes no difference; He is praying for me.”-Robert Murray McCheyne

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