Up on the Soapbox, click click click…

On a morning where we solemnly gathered in church to worship the Lord, and remember those who lost their lives ten years ago, I found myself reliving a moment from a few weeks ago.

This morning, as we were into the first song of worship, a younger couple came into the sanctuary and were seated a couple of rows in front of me. They both had the trendy look of a young couple in Nashville. He was sportin’ a stylish fedora with his sharp looking (and matching her dress) outfit. I thought of a Jon Acuff post from last month. I had a little snicker, then went back to focusing on worship. At the end of the service, I was walking out in front of the couple and overheard them talking. Someone, and I do not know who, made a comment to him in regards to having his hat on during the service. He was upset over it, and explaining to another guy who came up to him that he took it off during prayer, and that right now he’s having some hair issues. It caused me to turn around and apologize for the actions of someone else and tell him what happened to me in July at my home church. (I had taken a coffee that had a lid on it, into the sanctuary, and was then harassed by this elderly woman until I finally had to move seats in the sanctuary.)

So here I am, on my soapbox for a moment. You can stop reading now if you are going to just spat comments back without fully reading this. As a Christian, I do not find myself being embarrassed to call myself that. EXCEPT when individuals decide, based on their preference and not Biblical standards, to alienate people from the gospel. I understand the respect aspect of removing a hat in worship, trust me I do. However, when you as a Christian, decide to attack an individual based on their appearance or what they are holding, you take off all that Christ lived and died for, and put on your holier-than-thou robe. Christ died for the ugly person you were…and He died for the person you just alienated from the gospel. How badly do you want to keep the gospel to yourself? How badly do you want to see others just like you in the pew next to you that you place your preference of coffee, or a hat, or jeans, ahead of someone’s eternity? What if Christ had thought He was too good to die for you (and He had EVERY right to think so)?

The next time you think, or feel the urge to say something, in regards to someone’s appearance, take a moment and thank God that He did not think that way in regards to you. In that moment, pull in and do not push away. It could cost an eternity.

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