My Hands Are Holding You…

It’s been four days since I’ve returned from Haiti. It seems like forever, and just yesterday, all wrapped into one. To say it was an emotional trip is an understatement. It’s a beautiful country, full of gorgeous people, who are broken, struggling, and in need of love. They have hope in their eyes, you can see it when you’re talking to them.

For the moment I wanted to share one experience I had while there. I’m still really attempting to process as I’ve hit some reverse culture shock being back this time around. On Monday, as we were spending our last day with the kids, they decided to put on a show for us. Throughout my time there, I’d have several of the kids grow close with me, but on this day one little guy who’d been floating around between all of us came over next to me and just sat, playing with the bracelet I had on. As the dancing and singing progressed I kept motioning for him to join them, but he shook his head and then climbed onto my lap. He leaned back and just sat and watched. He was fully content to sit there.

It flashed through my mind, while were sitting there, full of sweat from the intense heat, of the picture of the two of us. A “white face” girl who never set out to work in missions, especially with children, with this little Haitian boy on her lap, holding her hands almost asleep because he’s incredibly comfortable there. Then my thoughts went to a glimpse of how my relationship with God looks like this. Me, as a child needing rest, needing comfort, needing LOVE, sitting in my Father’s lap knowing I’m completely safe there while He takes on the heat, the sweat, my weight…all for His glory, all for love. That image, that moment, is burned in my mind right now. I hope it stays there. I never want to forget what it felt like to be still with this little boy and allow God to reveal a little glimpse to me.

I thought I’d share the picture I snapped of he and I before I became a blubbering mess from crying. Meet Paul, and I pray I get to see him again soon, and in heaven one day.

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