Haiti Update

Quick Haiti preparation update as it’s 30 days until we depart…I cannot believe it’s so close! My final payment was turned in last week, all thanks and praise be to God for His glorious provision in this as it’s been Him providing all along for me to go…

Meg and I have been preparing the craft portion of VBS for the three days we’ll be at the One Vision orphanage. A generous donor gave Meg money towards the crafts and we were able to purchase a very large chunk of the items with that money. We’ve still got some smaller ends to wrap up in purchasing, but yet again, God’s awesome hand is all over this as He provides and lays out what it is He will have us do in Haiti.

Some have asked how they can help in the coming days…my biggest request is that you pray. Pray that God would prepare our hearts who are going down, and the hearts of those whom He’d have us reach while we’re there. Pray we’d have safe travel and ease of entering the country, that He’d keep a hedge of protection around us while we are there, and bring us back here safely. Pray lives, eternities will forever be altered by Him through us. Pray we’d be open vessels, concentrating on giving Him glory in everything. God’s got a big plan in store on this trip, I claim it in His name.

Here are some “other needs” if you feel led to help out, I’d be greatly appreciative, as I still have to purchase them:
Shower sandals
Pillow case and flat sheet
Airplane sizes of shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash
Hand sanitizer (small bottles)
Hand wipes (travel packs)
Bug repellent with Deet
Sunblock (SPF 40 at least, I’m a burner)
Small First Aid Kit
Small travel journal
Replacement top on Nalgene bottle (I broke mine in Mexico last summer)

If you are interested in purchasing or donating any of these things, thank you from the bottom of my heart as you have no idea how big of an impact you are making.

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