Ankle Deep….

A few weeks back I posted a statement on my Facebook page that actually was true to life. The statement was “I’d rather get pounded by the waves than stand in ankle deep water all my life.” While this statement is true, and at that time I was getting pounded, by my own sinful choices and their consequences, I made a mad dash for the shoreline because I didn’t like the dependence I knew God was calling me to have. So for the last several weeks I’ve been in ankle deep water, playing. I’ve kicked the water around, I’ve wiggled my toes so I could feel the sand beneath me. I traded the gasping for breath and legs of jelly for a life comfortable on the shore.

As I realized that this weekend I became frustrated with myself. I had a deep argument in which I checked myself, put myself in line, and said to myself, “You’re better than that…dig in and hang on, we’re going back in.” Therein lies the problem, I went back to relying upon myself, which is what brought me back to the shoreline to begin with. I’ve had the thought process that I could handle some things on my own, from a comfortable distance. God has a way of slapping you as the tide floods in, and He did. He brought me to the realization I bring nothing to the table in our relationship. Nothing…I don’t better it, I don’t boost it…I can do absolutely nothing to better it by being in it. He is my buoy in the midst of the waves pounding me, He brings me to the shore for rest, He allows for the movement further out from the beach. He does it all, while I struggle against His saving grace, His lifesaving mercy, His direction and purpose.

I had been believing the lie the flesh wants us all to buy into…that we’ve got this under control. We can dig ourselves out of stuff and trust God with the big things in life. We can move through day-to-day life, not yielding every part of our lives to Him, and live comfortably. Too often too many people believe this lie, and live it out for the remainder of their days. God sees us as something more…as believers we are His children, princes and princesses in the kingdom. He sees perfection when He looks upon us. He sees courage, strength, love, compassion, patience, and grace pouring out of us. He commands that of us, and He sees that potential in us. All we have to do is embrace it, live in it, and have faith He is right there with us in all things.

Today, I choose to let God carry me where He may in the tide, whether it be beaten by waves or resting on the shore. I trust God will be the One guiding me, pulling me above water, and directing what way I should swim. Today I choose to lay aside the distractions and lies the flesh have used against me to pursue God’s goodness and righteousness that far exceed anything I could fathom.

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