What does my decreasing and God’s increasing look like?

Some question huh? Been ruminating on that 2×4 for several days, keep coming back to it…Because in truth, I’ve been on the increase in my life, not God. I’ve made decisions and bought into distractions that have led to my increase. Sleepless nights and frazzled segments of days have marked this month for me. I was adamant that I get back to the basics with God…Scripture, prayer, and listening. To be honest, the last one is the hardest for me. I like to do all the talking with God and tell Him how it’s going to roll. I feel like there are times He laughs, cause He does have a sense of humor, and there are times He shakes His head at me. I finally put myself on the reduction and let God boil through me. I sat and listened this week, not being uncomfortable with the quiet, but rather enjoying the stillness.

One afternoon I saw a glimpse of one of God’s promises for my life. Can I tell you how utterly blown away I was in the time I was able to see it? Everything else just pales, it has less glean now. That’s what God’s increasing looks like…obedience in the littlest of things, the reducing of me, of my self, and the upshoot of Him in every area.

“He must increase, but I must decrease.”-John 3:30

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