Rolling Old…

and by old, I mean Old Testament. As a part of the Radical Experiment that I prayed and committed to doing over the next eleven months, I’ve been reading through the Bible daily. I’ve completed the first two books of the Old Testament and one in the New Testament. I have to be honest and say I wasn’t looking forward to reading the OT. I have done the read through the Bible plan in year before, and really not gotten much out of it.

This time I was determined to not get bogged down if I got behind, and really take my time going through the verses. After all, God laid out the Bible for a purpose…all of it. Since I usually confess so much here, I have to lay out that I’m loving reading the Old Testament. Granted I’m just slightly into Leviticus, but I love it. My quiet time has been spent in Jeremiah over the last few weeks. It was not my choice, as I really felt God tugging at me to read it. I’m glad I have…as He has revealed such amazing things in it to me in ways I could not have fathomed.

The setting up of the tabernacle? Totally amazed at the detail and intricacies behind that…and how God had placed the knowledge and craftsmen within the people of Israel. The gold and linen used in the assembly of it? A free will offering from the people, so that it may be pleasing to God. The sacrifices given to God on the altar, before the priests? So that they might be pleasing to the Lord, a sweet aroma.

It got me thinking, especially after reading about the sacrifices this morning…do I bring offerings to God? Do I bring my firstfruits as it states we are to do in Leviticus 3? Is what I bring to God pleasing to Him? Does it have a sweet aroma? All that I have, He has provided…all that I can give, is already His. However, it’s the free will giving back to Him, those offerings that I recognize and desire so greatly to bring to Him that He desires. He waits for that. He waits for my best, when I bring Him my leftovers. My week-old, mold-growing-on-it, wreaking leftovers…after I’ve given my time elsewhere, my heart to distractions, and my self over to sin. Today, what if I bring Him my very best and lay it before Him? What if I choose to give Him the glory for the great things He has done in my life by giving Him the great things back as an offering of praise, worship, and out of obedience?

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