Concentrating On The Job

“You just try to think about the things that you can control. The implications of what the kick means and all that stuff, that doesn’t move the ball right or left. You just go out there and concentrate on my job.”  I read this statement in the write-up following the Colts/Titans game from Sunday. It’s from Adam Vinatieri, the kicker for the Colts, who won the game with his last second field goal.  It struck me in reading that there was so much stuff in his words worth picking apart. 

The first sentence is so very true. So often I dwell on what I believe I can control, what I believe I have a hand in containing, or managing, or fixing. I think about reactions, thoughts, movements, and other people…in how best I can control all of those factors in a given situation. It tends to consume me, pushing me to the point of over-thinking and over-analyzing. It’ll sometimes push me to the edge…(like what I’m currently experiencing). Nothing, not a thing, is in my control. I may be foolish to think so, but God’s got a handle on it all. I think so highly of myself to allow myself to start thinking, plotting if you will, how much better I could handle whatever situation I’m in. In the course of history, throughout all of time, when has God’s control been superceeded by man’s? When has man done a better job of controlling any situation than God can? 

The final sentence was the one I ruminated on, stopped dead in my tracks actually, when I read it…and since then as well. Although grammatically he stated things a bit wrong, his point gets across. All we can do is focus on what God has given us to do. We cannot look to our brothers and sisters in Christ to mimic them-we can learn from them, grow from them, sharpen one another…but we ultimately cannot be them in a situation.  We can only be ourselves, filled with the Holy Spirit, relying fully on God and trusting in Christ to lead our path. All I can do in a situation, specifically the one that’s been rattling around for months now in my head, is concentrate-pray-seek God’s wisdom-look to His Word and guidance-knowing that’s all I take into the situation…all that God wants to do He will reveal in me, to me, through me. I have to make myself available to Him for use, and nothing else.

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