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If you are a friend on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you know I repost blogs from those I read on occasion. Okay, more often I post what people write on their blogs as they are pretty insightful and have hit me where I needed it that day. In keeping with the end of year theme I had going on here with books and music rewinds, I thought I’d post my favorite blog posts from those I read throughout the year. Hold on…here we go..

  • Bored by Pete Wilson…man this guy was a force in 2010. God used him over and over to speak truth and hard stuff to my life I know. If you’ve read the last few entries you know I loved his book, “Plan B.” His blogs are great as well, as he hits you where it hurts sometimes. Believe me, I need refining and sharpening more than anyone. Bored, was on a day in which I was in the very snotty mood in which he alludes to in the post. I was in the midst of some crazy days at work at the start of the semester. Great post.
  • Having Two Gods by Jon Acuff…I love his satire. He nails the funny side of the things we Christians do on the head. The serious Wednesday posts tend to sting sometimes, or cause me to cry at my desk at work. You know, normal stuff from a blog. This one, oh this one, came after a couple of months struggling in my faith, struggling to see God as the God who loved me in the midst of my pain, my struggling, my fighting. I had created my own image of God, an image of Him not loving the me who was wrestling with decisions, of Him telling me to get over it that’s the way things go sometimes. That’s not my God and it never will be. My human self cannot fathom how much He loves me, how much He cares. This post gets to the heart of that and really showed me where my thoughts had been for three months.
  • Despite Your Failures by Justin and Trisha Davis…I just started reading their blog in the fall. They have such a story of grace, forgiveness, and healing. I’d been on such a path of great things for God over the summer. I saw Him show up so many times, but come September I fell flat…and couldn’t pull myself up. He was trying to show me that He was there to pick me up, and I kept slapping His hand away because I felt I needed to be better before I could come back to Him. Following the post by Acuff above, I read this one from Justin. We can choose to be defined by how we fail, or by how we are re-created after the failure. Powerful stuff.
  • Deeply by Morgan MacGavin…This is the post that started the friendship. Wow, I still cannot believe how God brought sisters together who live three hours apart. It’s all Pete Wilson’s fault really. But I started reading Morgan’s blog after seeing her comments on his blog. It snowballed…and we’re friends and sisters in Christ. We met face-to-face in November when I was in Nashville and attended CrossPoint Community Church while in town. I love reading and sharing with her in her new walk in Christ. 
  • Too Much, Not Enough by Jessica Francis…An incredible post from a young woman confident in her path in life that God is leading. She is wise beyond her years and strong in her walk with Christ. It’s such an encouragement to read and see God at work in her life while she is in college…I’m blessed to experience students such as these each day of my life.
  • The Importance of Conversation by Neal Thornton…I’m blown away by the wisdom and knowledge in regards to faith that Neal has within him. Neal is a minister at Sevier Heights Baptist Church, where I’m a member. Anytime he preaches…or teaches I should really say, it’s like being schooled in a classroom-something I love. I fill up pages upon pages of notes that I go back and pour over. This post was a short one, but a reminder of something each one of us needs. And I laughed this morning after posting my entry last night and seeing this was one of my favorites on the year. Thanks for the reminder, again, God. 

I wish you all the happiest start to your new year! May you begin this year full of love, refreshed, and with a clean slate!

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