Today’s Post is Sponsored by the Letter R…

And R is for reading!

My other big time devotion is to reading. I’m a sucker for a book and I love, love, love the local used book store, McKay’s.  I typically have about nine books in queue on my shelf to read at any given time. This year I dug into more faith-based reading than I have before. It was a challenge to myself to grow in my faith and knowledge of who I am as a believer, and who God is to me. It’s stretched me to say the very minimal. I’ve been uncomfortable reading for the first time ever. I mean uncomfortable in the best possible way though. This is my list for the best books I’ve read this year:

1. Radical by David Platt…anyone that’s heard me talk about this book knows it’s by far my favorite book IN YEARS. You can see the hand of God on David’s writing and in his life. This book has challenged and stretched me in so many ways. Many times crying over the pages as I saw my own grossness as a believer reflected back.

2. Dare to Drop the Pose by Craig Groeschel…this one had been sitting on my shelf for a few months. I read another one by him (a newer release) before this one. Not to knock Craig’s writing, but this one got a higher ranking for me. I needed to read those things at the exact time I read them. I actually just finished this book last week. It was difficult, and I didn’t come out of it without having some sore toes. So worth it though.

3. Plan B by Pete Wilson…oh this book….this book got me. I began reading it thinking, “this is preparation for when I find myself in a plan b situation…I’m good right now…life is grand.” In the midst of reading that, I began to get sifted by God in ways I don’t think I would wish on an enemy. I had a very difficult few months searching out where I was in God’s plan for my life and how my current state would be of help in the long run. Whoa, was Pete’s book truly a God-send in my life.

4. Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff…not your typical “churchy” book. His satire is the stuff of legends. Hilarious and relevant while still holding to his faith. I love it. His serious Wednesday stuff on the blog is just briefly highlighted, but wow…it’ll knock your block off. (He’s got a new one out in regards to financial advice…here’s hoping that one got bought for Christmas)

5. The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel…another Groesch book yes. This one was great, and I highly recommend it. It dives into how as believers we say we follow Christ, yet we live like the world. It’ll rock your boat quite a bit. If it doesn’t, then maybe you’re a super-Christian or not one at all.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Post is Sponsored by the Letter R…

  1. Acuff's book is an easy read since it's his posts from the blog…definitely one you can co-read with another book. I read it during a lull in my reading of serious stuff. I might have to edit this list if I get halfway through with the book I got for Christmas though. Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey is wow…

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