The Rhythm is Gonna Get You

I’m a self-diagnosed music junkie. Anyone who knows me for oh, five minutes, knows this about me. You can blame my parents somewhat for this, as they raised me on the good stuff. Taking me to shows even as a kid. They still go to shows…festivals is actually where they find themselves now. My dad has liked bluegrass before it was cool to like bluegrass. My mom opened my ears to Elvis, the Stones, the Eagles, and the Beatles at an early age. Hmm, maybe that’s why my hearing is so bad now. (I kid, sort of) I remember distinctly rocking out to Cyndi Lauper in the drive-through of McDonald’s as a kid. It was a tape…and I can remember that so vividly.

Music has seemed to mark it’s place in my life at defining times. I navigated through so many stages in appreciating it. Funnily enough, I have eclectic taste now because of it. My car presets for radio stations runs the gambit from Christian to Top 40 to Indie to Oldies. My first record? Yes, record was a 45 of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” that I played on my hand-me-down Hollie Hobbie record player. I don’t remember my first tape, but I do remember sitting by the radio almost nightly listening to the top songs of the day or request line and taping songs off of there. I distinctly recall my first cd, as embarrassing as it is to admit now, I applaud myself for going against the grain and buying a $14 Ace of Base cd. (My taste for international music was wetted there….lol)

Over the last few years, I’ve expanded and found that live music is amazing. Don’t get me wrong, my iTunes is usually open at all times while I’m at home, or I’ve got my iPod hooked up or playing Pandora from another room. Music surrounds me. I love it, I truly do. I’ve learned to appreciate local music so much in the last ten years. I remember my first Left Foot Down show at Campus Pub as a freshmen in college. Wow. That’s where I fell in love with it all. Music is an experience, not just “background noise.”

This last year I’ve seen a ton of shows…much to the detriment of bank account. That’s my Kryptonite. You say, “hey (insert band here) is coming to Knoxville/Nashville/Atlanta” I start trying to figure out if it’s feasible for me to go, then when tickets go on sale. Here’s just a small taste of what I saw this year…with a NYE show (front row) to see The Dirty Guv’nahs still to come:
Seabird….so so so worth it to see them for one song (I was working the show for The Square Room)
WinterJam, where I saw Third Day, Newsboys, Fireflight, Sidewalk Prophets, and Revive
NEEDTOBREATHE (times 3) yes I saw them three times this year, and each show only trumped the last
Mat Kearney and Ingrid Michaelson great show, great vibe on the front row
Will Hoge (times 2) He opened for NTB, then I saw him again in June…would have been three if not for my pesky gallbladder attack the day of his show in October
Chris Tomlin and Tobymac wow, there aren’t words for how stinkin’ great this was to see
Brandon Heath and Jars of Clay another great show to see…

There’s already one show that I’ve got on my “must see” for next year…but I’ll refrain from spoiling that surprise. I hope you get out and enjoy some music today. It’s worth it.

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