A Change in Plans

Since I got back from Mexico in July, I’ve had it in my heart and mind to plan to be back there next summer, possibly even for two weeks. That has been exactly where my planning and focus have gone…Mexico.

In September I had the honor to volunteer at a donor breakfast with One Vision International. They have an orphanage sponsorship, along with many other projects in the works, in Haiti. This organization has close ties with my church, as the founder/CEO of One Vision is the son of our Senior Pastor, Dr. Hollie Miller. It’s an organization we hear alot about to say the least. Through my volunteering and conversations with those involved in going to Haiti, I’ve been thinking and praying.

About two months ago John Miller came and spoke during a service about the needs at the orphanage.  As he was talking about where they were headed as far as buildings and long-term work there, I looked at my friend next to me and said, “You know, I could totally do that.” She half-laughed and said, “Well yeah, I’m giving money too.” I replied with, “No, I mean, pack up and head to Haiti for long-term work.” She looked back at me in stunned silence, her mouth slightly open. She just turned back her attention to what John was talking about and I sat there. After the service, on my drive home, I began to really think about what I had claimed.  That wasn’t me. I don’t say things like that. Then I really began to search and pray about where this was coming from.

I ask you pray for me in this, as next week I’ll be attending a meeting about partnering for a trip next year with One Vision to go to Haiti.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it also got mentioned in my missions work meeting with an executive pastor at the church.  He literally asked if I had considered Haiti, not knowing I had this on my heart already. God will guide my path on this, I know and trust that. I pray that I will be obedient in each step and not selfish in putting my desires in front of His. Thank you for your continued support as I search out what long-term missions work looks like for me. (cause honestly, here lately I’ve seen something really different blossoming as an aside to international missions work)

One thought on “A Change in Plans

  1. Oh my goodness that is wonderful!!! Of course that wasn't your voice speaking. 😉 it was the Holy Spirit. He has shocked me a few times lately as well. I will be praying for you friend! How exciting!

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