I was listening to WAY-FM out of Nashville this morning when they started talking about the high school kid who got penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct for kneeling down, and pointing to the sky, in the end zone after scoring a touchdown in a game. The penalty, as assessed by the officiating board for athletics, stems from not drawing attention to yourself after scoring. 

People were calling in saying it was religious persecution for that kid…questioning where our country is headed after what we were based on.  I applaud the deejay/host because he stepped in and started reading off stories of REAL persecution in other countries. I was seeing exactly where our country sits in their comfort and “all about me” mentality.  Take this same scenario to China, to Iran, to Afghanistan….let’s see how they’d respond to that. Would they see that as religious persecution?


For more on the persecuted church, check out:

One thought on “Persecution?

  1. I totally agree. The fact that we see persecution where it does not begin to approach the level of genuine persecution is a testament to the vast amount of freedoms we enjoy.And may God have mercy on us if we ever have to face the real thing. I'm not sure we could take the pressure.

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