Thankfulness-Day 30

Sunday-Time…it does alot. Sunday I was thankful for the time I had.  I am thankful there are 24 hours in a day, and God allows me to have those hours for a specific purpose.

Monday-Thankful for a good report from the doctor following the discovery of a cyst on my kidneys. It’s been a long month of battling what exactly was going on with my health. After talking with a friend who was in a very hard place healthwise a year ago at this time, I am thankful all that is bothering me is 4 millimeters…which should be fine as long as it doesn’t grow. Related to this, I’m incredibly thankful for all the prayers that were lifted up for me. I was freaked out at the thought of surgery, especially having an organ removed. All signs led straight to it and we were just doing an ultrasound to confirm, when it was revealed that it wasn’t even my gallbladder. Thank you to all the prayer warriors out there.

Tuesday-Wow…Tuesday was quite a whirlwind to bid November adieu and usher in December. This week in general is a whirlwind…but I ended the month on a really awesome note. I’m thankful for getting out of comfort zones, in so many ways, but especially last night. I’m writing the post in my head as I type in regards to what happened, so stay tuned. Just know I am so very very thankful that God doesn’t want us comfortable in our Christianity.

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