Thankfulness-Day 27

Friday-Lazy mornings, and productive afternoons.  Most of the time it’s an either/or for me.  I can have a lazy morning or a productive one. I can have a productive afternoon, or a lazy one.  Yesterday I had the best combination of both.  I slept in (for the first time in weeks…and a sleep through the night sleep in to boot!), made pancakes, had my coffee leisurely, and enjoyed the morning.  I then went to workout, because after all that food on Thursday I needed it!  I decided I might stop by a couple of stores to see if they had some things on my list to buy, and sure enough, they did…and no lines! Take that crazy Black Friday 3am shoppers! (I’m going to out my mom here and say she was one of them yesterday)  I then came back, cleaned my entire apartment, and got out a huge amount of Christmas decorations.  The tree is all that is left to go up.  All in all, it was a great balanced day that ended with watching a great movie…

Saturday-The peace of God. I’m thankful that God’s peace guards my heart and my mind.  Lately I’ve been really struggling, and thus focusing, on my thoughts and my mind.  I let them get the best of me alot of times, wasting time and energy thinking about things that aren’t productive, aren’t good, and most of all, not bringing God anything but sadness and grief.  The more I’ve been intentionally examining where my thoughts are, the more God’s showing me in His word how to focus on Him.  I’m incredibly thankful for His peace today.

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