Thankfulness-Day 25

Tuesday-I’m thankful today for music. I love music, I truly do. I love listening to bands and musicians play out their art. As someone who cannot sing, nor play any type of instrument, I truly appreciate the beauty that is music.  Thanks to all musicians and performers out there! What you do inspires us all!

Wednesday-I’m thankful for hermit days, as I’ve so lovingly nicknamed them. They are days when I keep to myself, doing something I have been wanting to do.  Today I went to the movies and bought a couple of Christmas gifts. There’s not much else to it.  Other days may be working out and watching some movies at home, or baking, or scrapbooking.  Whatever the case, I’m thankful I can enjoy these small luxuries in life and have time to be the introvert I’ve always wanted to be.

Thursday-On this day of national thanksgiving, I give thanks for the blessings God has given me throughout my life, and especially this last year.  He has provided more than I could need…none of which I deserve.  I was reminded how truly blessed I am today with family who love, a job that supports, and friends that care.  I am truly blessed beyond words for all that God has provided. I pray that I may give Him glory by giving and sharing that with others.

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