Thankfulness-Day 22

Wednesday-Thankful for blog writers.  I’ve become a part of a community in blogs over the last year.  It’s amazing how it brings people together, starts conversations, and forges friendships. I realize some think it’s absolutely ridiculous, but those of us who write and share appreciate those who read and comment.

Thursday-I’m thankful for old friends. The kind of friend that we can go without seeing one another for over a year, with huge life experiences happening, and pick right back up where we left off.  I got to spend the evening in Nashville with my good friend Jill having a great meal and hearing a great band play…and sadly as I was looking through my digital pictures and this one (from 2006) was the only one I could find of she and I.  We’re super bad about not taking pictures…it’s only evidence, lol, as we used to say.

Friday-Safety…God keeps me safe in ways I have no way of knowing alot of the time.  Definitely thankful for the safety He provides in those moments.

Saturday-Humility…thankful God humbles me when I definitely need it.  He showed me I needed to seek forgiveness and apologize to individuals.  It wasn’t my proudest moment when I saw how I had acted in the moment.  Thankful He humbles me…as I should always be walking in humility.

Sunday-I’m thankful I can give to others.  I volunteered to hand out Baskets of Hope from KARM this afternoon.  I will say it’s really challenged me and confirmed some things in my heart that God has been pressing on for the last few weeks.  I had the privilege to pray over families as they took their meals home to have Thanksgiving.  1500+ families will now have meals on Thanksgiving thanks to the generous hearts who prepared Baskets of Hope…many of which came from the SHBC Singles ministry and care groups.

Monday-My students…wow.  The four young women I have the honor of working with daily, sitting around a table at lunch each week for meetings makes my Mondays so much better.  I don’t believe I have ever laughed so hard as I have this year with my students.  I’m thankful for them.  They are a HUGE reminder to me as to why I do what I do for long hours for weeks at a time….

2 thoughts on “Thankfulness-Day 22

  1. It is neat to cross paths with fellow believers serving the same Lord our God around this country and the world. I like to use these opportunities to follow some links off various blogs and pass along a blessing to you, your ministry, and the hope and a future God has destined for each of us. It is a great reminder to see the things you are thankful for and sadly realize how I've failed at times to recognize all the blessings God has placed before me.Blessings!Jim

  2. Jim, Thank you so much for your kind words and blessings. I appreciate you taking the time out to leave a comment and read through my thanksgiving posts. It's been a great reminder to me of what all I have to be thankful for in life, and to Whom it all comes from.

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