Thankfulness-Day 16

Friday-I’m thankful for doctors today.  I got my lab results back and was rejoicing in that at current I do not have to have surgery.  My gallbladder is good and actually I have a benign cyst on my kidneys.  I go for a follow-up in two weeks to see what the next step is-whether medication or just time.  It’s given me such a peace during this time that whatever God was trying to do was His will…I think He really showed me that I can’t just “suck things up” and deal with them on my own.  We all need to ask for help…even us tough strong independent women whose dad raised them on John Wayne movies.

Saturday-I’m thankful for my sister.  She and I spent a large amount of time together on Saturday in Nashville.  God’s given me such a great sister whom I can laugh my head off with over the silliest things. 

Sunday-I’m thankful for my brothers and sisters in Christ, no matter where they are or who they are.  I was so fortunate to worship with the faith family in Nashville on Sunday morning at CrossPoint Community Church.  I believe God has His hand on them and especially their pastoral staff.  I finally got to meet Morgan and I loved that.  No words I put to this will explain how awesome it was to be, to see, and to feel the Holy Spirit in that place with them.  I am so very grateful for their hospitality and loving embrace.  May we all follow their lead.

Monday-I’m thankful for a friend of mine.  She’s been impactful and an encouragement in my life in so many ways.  Many times we dwell on the negative…the one instance where something was said that we took the wrong way…the time when the flesh rose up in us got hurt.  I’m so very thankful for this woman of God in my life who has been such a force of awe and wonder.  I marvel at how God’s using her in so many lives.  I ask that you pray for her as well…that she’d see that right now. 

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