Thankfulness-Day 11

Tuesday-I am thankful for my small group. I prayed for each of them even before I knew who they’d be.  God sent the exact right people to form a group that love on one another, support one another, and help one another grow in His grace and wisdom.

Wednesday-A sense of humor is something to always be thankful for, regardless of who it is in.  I saw that in two very different forms on Wednesday.  My two year old nephew would say something, followed by laughter from my sister and myself, and then he’d add with comedic timing…”I’m funny” with a sly smile thrown in.  The other was seeing my Singles Ministry pastor at Sevier Heights playing the song below during prayer meeting (that is mainly senior adults) and rapping along to parts.  The look on their faces was priceless to me as his message was lost on some of them.

Thursday-I’m thankful for all the veterans today, especially since it’s Veteran’s Day.  My dad is former Marine Corps, my papaw is former Air Force.  Several of my uncles are retired from Army and Air Force. A couple of my cousins have served, as well as several of the students I work with are active Reserves right now. Friends and an ex-boyfriend are spread throughout the armed forces…and I’m incredibly thankful for their dedication and devotion to their country each day.  It’s humbling and moving.  We shouldn’t wait for a national holiday to let them know how appreciative we are for all they’ve done and are continuing to do. 

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