Thankfulness-Day 8

Sunday-Each and every day I am thankful for the church I am a part of.  (Notice I didn’t say attend there…we’re commanded be a part of the church, not attend it, or check it off our “to-do” list for the week…that’s another post in the works) Yesterday though, I was so filled with thankfulness for how God is working in our church. From open prayer time each morning, to Bible Fellowship teachers who challenge and drive you to learn more about who God is and where His will is leading each of us, to the worship minister who feels the Holy Spirit move through so many people (and himself) in such a powerful way, to the pastors…who are so filled with God’s will not only for their own lives, but for the life of the church that they are willing to say the hard things…the things no one likes to hear…in order to bring us to Him, in order to show us our desperate need for brokenness and humility before God and before one another. 

Today-I’m thankful for parents who love me.  My parents do, alot.  Many people don’t know that kind of love ever, and especially from their parents.  I am so incredibly blessed to have two loving parents who go out of their way to love me, just the way I am.

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