Thankfulness-Day 6

Well, after a nasty gallbladder attack late Wednesday evening and a trip to the doctor on Thursday followed by a comatose day on the couch, I’m back upright!  Now I’ve got some catching up to do…

Thursday-I am extremely thankful for medicine and sweet nurses who hear how sick you are on the phone and work you in to see the doctor, who has a full schedule that day. 

Friday-I’m thankful for my students and supervisor who were constantly checking on me and praying for me.  I am so very lucky to work somewhere that isn’t just a job, but a life it seems.  Coupled with this, I’m thankful my students make me laugh the way they do.  I wouldn’t have expected to be dying laughing at the end of a twelve hour work day, nor would I have expected to be sliding across a gym floor in my sock feet, but I was…and I owe that to the awesome students I work with each and every day.

Saturday-Rest. Often times we take it for granted or cast it to the side.  However, it’s something I am thankful for this morning, and many other days as well.  I slept last night.  Like really slept for the first time in weeks, without any medicine inducing it.  And it was honest to goodness, rest. I woke up earlier than planned, but I was rested.  Thankful that God saw that I needed some shut down time.

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