More Like Falling in Love

Have you been in love before? Do you know and recognize that feeling you have when you are so consumed with the thought of that person you can’t stand it? You anticipate the next time you can see them? Talk to them? Hear from them? Your mind is so engulfed with being in their presence and what they are up to that you really don’t see things around you outside of their world. 

I’m there…with God.  Except it’s more intense than I’ve ever felt towards another human being.  I will honestly say it’s all-consuming.  Amazing. Peaceful. Overwhelming. Intense. Burning. Forceful. Awesome. Breathtaking. And so much more than words can not do justice.  It came on slowly…it was a filling (to steal an illustration from my pastor, Dustin George) like you do when you fill up your gas tank.  The Holy Spirit just came on strong and then…burped the tank.  It almost knocked me over and then I got a little goofy on His love. 

It shouldn’t be surprising that He would be all-consuming…but it is.  He’s promised to love us unconditionally, yet we I question that…His very word, I question.  Over the course of my quiet times in Acts, I’ve been seeing how He poured out His love and His mission on the disciples, and then how they turned and poured it out on others.  They encouraged one another, and then lifted up the new believers who were daily being added to their numbers.  That same love is poured out on me…to turn and pour out on others.  Do I do that? Am I loving others as Christ loves me? I haven’t been, I will say that.  After much prayer asking God to change my perspective, He has…I’m viewing things through God’s lens, not my own.  And I love it.  I’m bouncy about it.  I see things much differently, and it makes me happy.  I am not boasting about myself, but about my God.  He’s done this, because believe me, this is nothing I could ever achieve. 

The thing I’m finding most amazing in all of this, which really it all is praiseworthy and amazing, is that His Word is jumping off the page at me.  I cannot get enough of it during my quiet time and I anticipate getting back into it.  He’s revived me in Him…which just astounds me.  I’m seeing His Word with His eyes and the world He created with His heart.  I am in love with God and all that He is. 

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