"God Prefers a Slow-Cooker to a Microwave."

What does waiting produce in me when God makes me wait?

Recently I’ve been waiting…it seems at every turn I’m being asked to wait.  In almost every area of my life I’ve gotten this: “Do you mind waiting? He’ll be with you soon.” Much like you hear at a doctor’s office. For three-fourths of the time, my response is “Not in the least…tell Him to take His time.” That other time is me stomping my feet, screaming, “NO! I want to see Him NOW!!!” Granted, that’s now how I should respond to God….but even more convicting is in the times I do say “Sure, I’ll wait” and then go about attempting to stitch myself up in the waiting room….or wait, wait, wait, and wait, only to leave the room because I’ve lost all hope I’ll be seeing Him. 

I was reminded, much like a swift thick branch to the face tonight, that waiting is of God.  He commands us to wait…There are 400 years separating the end of Malachi from the beginning of the New Testament….Abraham waited 25 years on the promise of a son…Paul waited on his thorn to be removed….the disciples waited for Christ’s return…Looking at each of those examples I have to trust God’s working things out in His timing.  I know this, I believe it.  But I constantly want to get my hands in there and help Him along.  I’m pretty sure God’s looking over at me with loving Fatherly concern saying “You know, if you’d just take your hands off things would go smoother.” Granted, in those moments, I may not feel like they are smooth…and believe me, they most definitely haven’t been…but He’s the Sovereign God of the universe, who am I to meddle in His business?

So many times I want to put God on my schedule in what I want….while He’s not bound by time, especially my time.  I think alot of the time we want to apply the “Creation Rule” to what we are waiting for from God.  The Creation Rule is the assumption that God made everything in seven days therefore He’s got seven days to handle my prayer/complaint/issue.  Anything beyond that, He’s told us it’s ours to handle…not so, at all. 

The hit to the face tonight really opened my eyes to the fact that I cannot put God on my time table.  He’s working things out for His glory all across the nations and in ways I don’t see.  I have to glory in the expectancy while I wait…I have to trust Him while I wait…and I must seek the revelations of His wisdom while I wait. 

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