The Question

I was having a facebook chat with one of my good friends from college the other night.  We were shooting the breeze and commenting on how excited we were to see one another in November (she lives in Nashville).  We got into a very brief discussion about the monotony of “life” and how we’re just over it right now.  Now while my work life can never be characterized as monotonous or dull, some other things in my life have become that way. 

Out of nowhere in this conversation, I dropped a bombshell revelation.  I said, “You know I wouldn’t mind just selling everything I got and heading down to Mexico full time.”  I hadn’t wrapped my mind around that statement and planned it out.  I seriously have no idea where it came from, but man oh man, have I been thinking about it.  Funny thing is, earlier in the day I was having a phone conversation with my momma and was sort of phasing in and out of the conversation (sorry Mom, I do it to everyone).  This question came into my mind clear as day….”What would it look like?” I didn’t know what I was thinking on exactly but then my mom, out of nowhere, was telling me this guy was winning a vacation to Mexico on the television.

You might point out I’m somewhat crazy in thinking this is all related or that I’m reading way too much into this….but my prayer for a very long time is that God would reveal to me where He’s leading me on this call to missions work.  That I wouldn’t take it lightly and He’d be preparing me.  I firmly believe the struggles I’ve had and the issues of failure and expectation I’ve wrestled with lately are stemming from His preparation in me. 

Today I was at the gym working out and looked up at the television to see “Quake hits Baja California, Mexico” scroll across the newsline.  I prayed while I was on the elliptical machine for Baja…that’s where I was at not two months ago.  No serious injuries or damages have been reported yet, but I’m still praying.  The thought came back in that moment…”What would it look like….for you to be there?

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