So I’ve been thinking about this for oh…twenty seconds.  Sometimes, God just puts something on you and you gotta run with it….so here we go.

How do you define yourself?  What are the top five things you’d point to that define who you are?  I was doing something utterly mindless when this popped in my head.  I looked at something and thought “I don’t want that to be a definition of who I am.” Whoa…where’d that come from?

God’s little nudge of well, what do you want to be defining you?  So that’s what I’m pondering now.  As I sit here, having stepped away from two things that I thought I was enjoying, only to see causing my relationship with God to be troubled.  I look at the friendships that so tightly defined who I was in a larger context for the last year and realize that’s not what I want to be defined by.  I am examining each thing in my life wondering, is this what I want to be defined by?  Is this how I want to be introduced in a group?

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