A Tough Question

Being between self and Spirit is difficult.  To be brutally honest, it’s feeling like you’re continuously being slammed against rocks or pushed through a meat grinder.  You face these new questions that cause the self to flinch, rise up, and start fighting against.  Most people call it a tension.  It’s more than that for me.  (I cannot speak for anyone else on this) 

As of late, it’s been like I’ve been on the receiving end of three UFC championship bouts…the losing end.  The more I think about things and the more I pray on them, I’m seeing two very distinct revelations come from it all.  Last night I was finishing up some reading of a book that has honestly been a real help and sent from God in the midst of what’s going on with me.  As I was speedily reading the final chapter (I was tired and wanted to fly through the last chapter), God caught me on a question.  No long blog post today, I’m just leaving you with the question that’s been on my mind since I read it….

Do you think you can sacrifice who you are today for who you could become? 

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