The Long Wait

I’m not sure how many people read this, and I’m okay with that.  For those of you who do stop by on occasion to read I am sorry I’ve not posted in a week. I should have dropped a small post about this time of year with my job.  It’s August…in higher education work that means insanity.  We’ve all lost our minds in student development and our new slogan is “If you don’t know the answer, lie.” I wish I were joking but it’s becoming true….however we all seem to know the answers by now.  Seasoned veteran status.  Anyways, with the added insanity of working in higher education I also teach a class for six weeks called Orientation.  This year I finally got my wish and have football players as students!  So instead of starting on Friday of this week with class, we started last Friday.  I’ve been with them all weekend doing things like ropes course, hikes, tours, and climbing the tower, in addition to a three hour class block.  I have to say though, they blow my class last year out of the water.  These guys are great and I’m loving getting to know each one of them.  When I’m not with them I’m preparing lesson plans and attempting to organize the billion other things our office does this time of year to welcome students back.  So the posts may be sporadic over the next two weeks until I can catch a breath and catch back up.  Trust me, I’m writing things down just not getting them up here for now.  See you August 29 hopefully when I have an off day!!

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