My Plan B

Two posts in one day? Whoa. Hang on to your hats boys!! 

I got Pete Wilson’s book “Plan B” for my birthday and dove into it yesterday.  I’m not into chapter four and really seeing things I didn’t realize I would glean from this book.  Definitely a God thing.  So I figured I’d post my first blog about my trip because it was a plan b. 

As you know, Baja was not the original trip I was planning to go on.  My heart was set on the Philippines, and I felt that is where God wanted me at this summer. Things fell through and prices increased to the point I could not afford it.  Baja came back into the picture, and things started falling into place.  It was in those moments when I’d see God working that I knew where He guiding me to be.  Anyone that knows me, knows how much of an out of my comfort zone trip this was for me before I went.  But seeing God’s hand in areas I knew, absolutely knew, He had a plan for me in Baja this summer. 

I was moved in so many ways by God while in Mexico.  I still struggle to find the right words to explain it or even share it with people.  God blessed me beyond compare and used me in ways I never could have fathomed.  I fell in love with the people of Mexico and all of my brothers and sisters in Christ that I served alongside all week.  God stripped me of some beliefs I’d carried around for far too long. He showed me some things He still needs to work out in me.  He gave me a voice and courage and strength like I never knew before in many avenues.  God changed me in Mexico.  Please pray because I’m now considering the next step in where God wants me.

One thought on “My Plan B

  1. I am so happy you are reading Plan B!! Like you, the further I got, even in the beginning, I was finding my outlook and perspectives changing. I think Pete does an excellent job of getting you to do that so that you can allow God to fully work in your heart. I'm so happy you got to go on the mission to Baja! I can't wait to see the things He has in store for you. :o)

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