Viva la Mexico!

That’s my bag…it’s official. I leave out at 7am Saturday (tomorrow) for Mexico!!  Can I just say that those air tight bags are a God-send?!  I wouldn’t have been able to pack nearly everything I needed if not for those bad boys.  And once I got the 12 lb air mattress in, I was having to weigh the bag after each thing I added.  This is silly I know, but I ain’t about to go over that weight limit and have to take stuff out…not gonna happen.  Coming back should be easier since the ginormous peanut butter and jelly containers won’t be in my bag and neither will the prizes for the kiddies.  My sister responded to this observation with, “More room for souvenirs!” You see where her thoughts are at don’t you?  (Bridgette-I couldn’t get everything in your hiking bag unfortunately, no matter how many times I repacked that sucker….but the mattress will be making the trek….thank you for letting me borrow!!!!)

A huge thank you already to everyone whose been praying throughout the entire process…and an early thank you to everyone whose going to be praying while I’m away.  I’ll have access to update once I’m back in the States on Saturday, July 24 (mi cumpleanos)….Til then, may God bless each of you and may He continue the work He has already begun in the lives of us all through missions!

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