"You’ve opened my eyes so I can see You all around me."

So one, the title came from The Afters’ song “Light Up the Sky,” which I am loving right now, alot.  Another group I’m digging is The Advice out of Possum Grove, SC.  Yes, the same home town as my top five bands-NEEDTOBREATHE.  Great guys, and they were on the radio with our local Christian station (Love 89.1 for a little plug for them) this morning and were the nicest guys. Honestly I’m finding more joy and happiness with Christian radio stations and artists these days.  Top 40 radio for the most part disgusts me, but that’s a different post for a very different day. 

So you might be wondering what’s with the picture above.  Christi and Sayra wanted to have dinner with me tonight after our Wednesday night Summer Series at church.  So after an impromptu karate class in the hallway with the Singles pastor and me threatening to neck slap him right there, we headed to dinner at Five Guys.  No matter what any guy says, us girls dig some burgers and fries.  So we were waiting on our food and Christi and Sayra burst out in this little speech.  They had gotten together and asked some people within the Singles ministry at church that I’m close with and friends with to write letters to me to encourage me while I’m in Mexico.  That picture is the stack of nine letters, one for the day before I leave through the day I come back.  I cannot tell you how blown away I was at the sentiment alone.  The thoughtfulness and love the two of them alone have shown me are more than one person can handle….God has brought these two sisters into my life for so many reasons and I’m so incredibly thankful for them. Beyond that though, I cannot express in words the gratitude I have for each person that wrote a letter.  I’m such a sucker for a written note, and they know this….which makes it even more special.  God’s placed me at Sevier Heights for a reason, and I’m seeing His work all around there and how He’s worked through me through that church.  I cannot express how blessed I am to be surrounded by amazing people of God who encourage and uplift me in so many ways.  I’m just speechless.

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