A Sense of Peace

With all of the chaos of preparation and spending time with people at the tail end of my summer vacation, God’s come through and worked His mighty hand in my life. I didn’t recognize it until Friday night.  I was perched on the side of a mountain in a cabin with some of my closest friends from college.  We had gathered together as our little family unit one last time before Jeff (our glue if you will) moves off to DC for graduate school.  I hadn’t really been around the majority of them for quite a while.  This last year has changed me…or to be honest, God has changed me in this last year. 

After we all had dinner in the cabin, several of us went onto the deck and this picture to the right is what we saw awaiting us. There weren’t words for me. I stood there and goofily smiled.  I began reading the Bible in a year again in June, after doing it all last year in the traditional way that most resources do with a little OT, a little NT, Psalms, and a Proverb.  This time around I’m reading through each book in thematic chapters.  It’s daunting to say the least, but I’m seeing new things.  The big one was the rainbow after the flood.  It was a seal of God’s covenant with Noah-and the world-that He would never again wipe the human race off the face of the earth.  It’s a comfort when I see rainbows now…don’t get me wrong it’s not like I feared them or disliked them before. But now I have this peace when I see them, because it’s yet again God reminding us that He loves us so much that He’ll not turn His back on us.  It’s His glory flowing down from on high and showing us that He wants us…all of us.  His heart desires us beyond anything and that we cannot make Him love us less, nor can we make Him love us more by what we do. 

One thought on “A Sense of Peace

  1. What a gorgeous picture, Sara!! There *is* something so peaceful about rainbows! I've seen several in the past week or so and it constantly reminds me of God starting anew.

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