Ten Things…

So there’s been some silence after the tumultuous posts of early last week.  To flip it over, as God did with me I’m posting a much peppier post today.  I’ve been reading a blog called Single and Sane that I stumbled upon via Stuff Christians Like.

Ten Things That Make Me Smile
 …and these aren’t “churchy” answers to me….

1. Worship Time. Regardless of whether it is in my car, my apartment, or within the walls of the church, I cannot help but smile (and as of late, cry) when worshiping the one true God who loves me.  I smile even now thinking about those times when I’ve had true worship with Him, especially in the last couple of days.

2. Music. Some of it is an off-shoot of number one, but long before I discovered you could actually worship listening to music I was a rock baby.  My mom raised me on The Stones, Eagles, and Elvis Presley.  I love music…especially indie musicians or those struggling to get noticed.  My friends joke that one of these days I’m going to be a roadie if I’m not careful.  I laugh, then told my buddy that I’d do his merch table for him since he’s too big now to be running it solo.  I seriously geek out over new releases on Tuesdays and seeing live music.  I appreciate the talent I do not have I guess and just relish in it.

3. My Nephews. They seriously are the two greatest kids.  The older one makes me laugh and allows me to watch “Wizards of Waverly Place” with him, and take him movies and eat junk food.  The younger one, it has been said, is the exact replica of me at his age.  (meaning he’s a spitfire and my sister and bro-in-law should watch out)  Watching them both grow and mature just brings a smile to my face. 

4.  My Students. Seriously.  I have the greatest job in the world I do believe.  I get to work with college students every day, planning events and sports for them to enjoy.  Best of all though, is I get to enjoy all the perks without having to go to class, do homework, or take exams!  I love my students though.  They are great young men and women with so much drive and potential to make this world a better place for everyone.  I crack up at everything they say and do because half the time they are delirious on no sleep and od’ing on caffeine. 

5. Coffee. More specifically though, Starbucks Cafe Verona coffee. My morning does not get started unless I have a mug of hot coffee in my hand.  I blame one of my students actually for the second half of the addiction, I mean, um habit.  She’s my supplier.  And I love her for that.  But there’s just something that makes me smile about sitting down in my chair in the mornings with a hot mug of coffee, regardless of whether it’s hotter than on the sun outside or the dead of winter.

6. Service Work. I love volunteering.  I know, we all should. Eventhough many times it’s stressful to schedule or plan around work priorities, I smile each and every time I get to help an organization or someone else out.  Again, there are times I cry after I’ve left the worksite, but I do smile.  Knowing that I can express my Savior’s love to someone in such a small way gives me such joy. 

7. Birthdays. Not particularly my own, but others. I enjoy celebrating others big day of birth.  I love seeking out gifts for them, small or large. Just knowing that someone is excited that you were born is always exciting.  I get giddy really….

8. Target. Yep, the big red consumer-driven metropolis that is Target…(said in a french accent for those who know me).  I love that place, in all it’s over-priced glory.  I get pumped to go there. I wonder around for like an hour at times just looking.  Don’t ask me why, I just love it.  And will usually be smiling the entire time.  It’s also a good place for ideas on number seven.

9. Baseball. Being at a ballpark, any ballpark, makes me smile. I love the smell of the ballpark. I smile each spring when I walk out of my office and hear the “ping” of the ball off the bat at the college’s field.  (some people find that crazy that I love college baseball too) I still get chills when I hear the national anthem sung at ballparks. I love the lineups being read. Baseball to me was my life for a brief four years…they weren’t brief during it, but it now feels very brief. And yes, I still love heckling at the games, regardless of the fact my friends and I were the sole reason the student section got moved at UT’s stadium after our freshmen year.

10. Platypi. The plural of  platypus.  They make me smile.  They are my favorite animals God has created.  They’re an anomaly…mammals that lay eggs.  It’s awesome in all it’s wondrous ways.  And my favorite one is named Perry…he’s a super agent spy on my nephew’s favorite show “Phineas and Ferb.”

2 thoughts on “Ten Things…

  1. This is the greatest list ever!!! I had to smile at the Nephews. Mine are totally my world–and my youngest nephew and I are crazy over each other. We both talk, A LOT–we're totally random–we both love to stick stickers on our faces. Haha!!I'm gonna have to make my own list. I really do love love love this! Thanks Sara for brightening my day! :o)

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