A Call To Go.

I’ve been praying for quite some time about where God would have me serve Him. Granted, I know I serve Him daily in all that I do, but I feel a longing need, a call if you will, to something more. I’m still praying exactly what He is calling me into, but I am being obedient in an opportunity that He brought to me.

Two months ago I was at Winter Jam and saw the Newsboys plug a trip to Baja, Mexico where they are building homes for those in need. I kind of forgot about it and went on with life. The missions program at SHBC rolled out their 2010 trips, and I got very pumped for the Philippines trip. I started preparing and praying to go. I felt God was directing me to that trip. It was completely out of my comfort zone and right up my alley with working at a university. This trip however was much more costly monetary wise than I had expected. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, I had to make a tough decision to not go on that trip. I remembered the Mexico trip from Winter Jam and thought I’d check out the cost and see what it was all about. After an application process and interview, I was accepted!!

My trip is from July 17-24, I cannot think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than that. I will be heading to Baja to assist in building homes with Global Expeditions. They are a teen-focused missionary program based out of Texas. I have been asked to be a missionary advisor for the trip, which means I’d lead four to six of the teens each night in Bible study and worship time. I found out that I have to move rather quickly on the money end due to the timely nature of me applying/being accepted/deposits due. The due date for it was looming rather closely and I had a minor flip out about the fact I may not be able to go on this after all. I prayed that God would provide if this is where He wants to lead me. Later that week the money came in the form of a check from an unexpected place, which confirmed to me that this is God’s will for me to go. It was for the exact amount I have to have to them by May 21. God will provide, if we only rely upon Him and trust in Him. Praise Him!

I’m still working diligently to save and pay for the rest of the trip. I ask that you pray for me and that God would continue to provide and show His will to me throughout this process. Pray that my heart will be prepared and open to go. I’ve already faltered several times and worried over every little bit of this. The devil seeks to destroy what God is building through any means necessary. This is bigger than me, it’s not about me. I cannot, but God can. And He will. If you’d like to see more about Global Expeditions, check them out at http://www.globalexpeditions.com
And if you’d like to contribute (tax-deductible) to my trip, just click the “donate” tab and search by my missionary number (2609302). I’m not asking for a handout or assistance, I’m praying God will provide in whatever way He so chooses. All I ask of you is prayer. Thank you all already for the love and support you’ve given me to this point. God’s brought me this far through each one of your support and guidance.

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