Lent Update

Just a quick update about my sacrifice of Facebook for Lent. After six days I gave in for three, and then immediately went back off again. It’s now been, well ten days! Sorry I had to actually figure out and count it out. I’ve missed it some, but I now realize how big of a time-waster it is for me, and how I depend on it to keep in touch with some people (which is the funniest part of it). A friend of mine had a baby last week and I heard about it yesterday, via text, from another friend. His statement to me was “yeah, I forget you’re not on there right now.” It’s sort of sad that’s where we get our information from these days. I’m not condemning anyone else for it, because I do it too. But I guess I’m just of an old school thought that there’s the telephone if you want to converse or share information with me one-on-one. I’m also an admittedly strong proponent of the postal service and mail in general. I love writing letters and mailing them. My oldest nephew has gotten this love as well, and so I’ve taken to sending him mail now. It’s his birthday week so he’s getting a slew of cards from me leading up to his birthday on Thursday. And by slew I mean two, because boy cards are just hard to find and also really difficult to craftily make. He got a handmade Batman signal one from me last year, which was a beast to configure. I literally sketched out the signal and then hand cut it from yellow cardstock, that is the exact signal color. That’s how much I love cards…and mail. I also admit how much I love getting stuff in the mail, like online shopping stuff. I ordered new media stuff last week and clapped excitedly when I had the note in my box to pick up a package at the post office window.

Maybe we should all spend more time writing out our thoughts and expressing our interest in those we truly care for rather than shooting off some quick email that can easily be trashed in a second with it’s conformed typeface and structured box….man, I am old. šŸ™‚

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