Wreckless Abandon

I’ve observed a student throughout the year who most people would deem “odd” or “strange” compared to most other students. I believe I’ve even referred to him as “special” a time or two. For some reason I have a heart for this kid. Each time I see him I can’t help but wonder what he thinks of life. This past week I saw him twice, both times dancing around in what many would say was not an appropriate time to do so-once in the middle of lunch at the cafeteria and another walking along a pathway between two buildings. He seemed to be either carrying on with himself or listening to his iPod (I couldn’t tell from where I was at both times). I’ve thought about it since seeing him both times more and more. That kid has wreckless abandon about his life that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He does not care (at least from what I’ve seen the last semester and a half) how others perceive him, and he does not seem to be bothered by others watching him with shocked looks on their faces. He seems very happy and is doing well enough to be here a second semester. I know, I know, looks are deceiving. However, I started to think about the attitude he exhibits with regard to those around him. And then I started to really compare it to mine.

I realize we’re not all alike, but I have to say, this kid’s got it figured out. As Christians, we’re called to live lives separated and apart from the world. We’re not to be in the world, just of it….temporarily. How is the life I’m living RIGHT NOW any different than it was before I came to Christ? That’s a question that kind of rocked me a few weeks ago. Is there a difference? I really started examining and there are those obvious displays of changes. But I think alot of time, I look back on those very marked changes as my path markers and say “see, look…I’ve changed I’m not who I was.” But it should be a continual process, not just large benchmarks that I’ve cleared every few years like a timeline.

Last weekend I was really awakened to how God had been stripping things away in my life to bring me closer to Him. BUT, I was putting them right back in my life and being completely disobedient to what He is calling me to do. To be honest, He’s stripped away some of the largest distractions I have had up until this point. He’s shown me where my priorities need to be and how I need to be fulling trusting Him to provide the needs for me. As we’re approaching Lent, I was praying about what I should give up for it, as I’ve done the last two years. In truth, I am giving some things up but I will also be taking on some other things. I’m going to write more. I love it and I have these ideas rolling around and these minute conversations with myself constantly about topics. No one probably reads this, and I’m okay with that too. But there will be more showing up on here in the next forty days. On the flip side, I will be giving up Facebook and texting. This might change because of work-relatedness of Facebook, but is that an excuse? I’m beginning to think so. I can make excuses for any of the distractions in my life, but a big one is the time suck of Facebook. When my computer crashed a couple of weeks back it was amazing all the time I had on my hands since I wasn’t sitting around on it so much. God’s calling me to be obedient in serving Him and being productive for Him.

In all of this, I believe it’s preparing me and trimming the less-important stuff away so that He can begin to do some bigger things, within me, and beyond. So for Lent, I’m going to serve God with wreckless abandon. Not caring who might stare and watch…knowing I’m being obedient to what He’s called us to be. I want to please God, and forget the rest.

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