‘Tis the Season….

This time of year always evokes joy in my heart, and stress in my head. I love giving to other people. I love finding perfect gifts that suit a person and seeing that elation on their face when they open it. What I don’t enjoy is getting stressed over money. I don’t enjoy the rush of people, all bent on getting that exact thing or else. People, in general, tend to be more aggressive, shorter-tempered, and grouchy around the holidays. I wanted to say all that, to say the following.

This morning, during worship, I took time to really think about the song that was being performed. It’s a simple song, one that believers and non-believers sing at this time of year, quite possibly without truly listening to the song. It’s also one of my absolute favorite songs, based on the fact David Bowie and Bing Crosby dueted it years ago. It’s “Little Drummer Boy.” The choir was singing and I was in my little joy seat because I do love that song so much. Then I really started to think about the song. He was called to come see the new born King, and lay an offering at His feet. This drummer boy knew it was the Son of God that he was in the presence of in that manger. He had nothing, absolutely nothing, to give as an offering to Him because he was poor, just like the Son of God was in that moment.

That’s where I started to see God’s revealing glory. You see, it’s not about what gift we bring to someone, or what we receive from them in return. It’s all about what we bring before God in worship and offering. He asks for nothing, but us. All of us. Not just a part, or just the sin. He wants it all. How simple and free is that gift? The Holy Spirit spoke to me in that moment, asking what all of me was I not giving God in my offering. So many times I dwell in what I have given Him. That’s not how God operates. He wants it ALL and that is not what I’ve given Him. Most days, He’s lucky to get a tiny portion of me, those thirty minutes I squeeze in in the morning for my devotion and prayer time. Or that extra ten minutes at the end of the day when I want to talk with Him about something that irritated me during the day. God wants me to bring ALL of that to Him, and more. This morning I sat and laid alot of stuff on the altar for God. I laid down my will, because that’s what I’ve been holding on to with two hands and gritted teeth. It’s God’s now. He can have it, because it was never mine to begin with, and that is what I am most thankful for. I can give Him that offering of worship and praise as my King knowing it’s for His glory and that it came from Him to be returned to Him.

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