If I keep my eyes on Him….

In those still small moments when you’re alone, no one around but you and God, do you feel as if you can do anything? Does your confidence just overflow in knowing that trusting in God has built you into this person who could walk on water? Why then do we feel that God fails us once we step out that door, or once we turn on our computer, television?

It’s not God that fails us. We’ve got it backwards. We fail God in our actions, words, thoughts, ideas, purposes, and walk daily. It’s not because of some magical formula we can’t get right, it’s not some standard we must meet. We can’t meet that standard-it’s a perfect standard set down by God. Nothing we ever do can meet that standard, only Jesus can and that is why He went to the cross for us.

I struggle with this aspect daily in my life, and my walk with God. I know there is no condemnation from God-that is something I do to myself. Why then do I think I am better than God in judging myself (or others) by some standard that God doesn’t even hold us to? Lately God’s been revealing some amazing insights to me on life, more particularly my own. He’s shown me how judgmental and passive-aggressive I am in so many areas of my life. It took a very unpleasant encounter for me to really examine my life and how I thought within myself I had grown past it and developed a better approach to things. That’s where sin catches us. We believe it’s all about us, and what we’ve done, and how great we are. We are nothing, absolutely nothing. God’s the one moving in our lives, or not moving. He guides us, or let’s us go.

Now I do recognize a difference in my life from a year ago, and I pray that God agrees. However, I am far from where I should be and aim to be. I pray that God’s guidance, wisdom, and discernment in my life will continue to grow and permeate every aspect of my life. I catch myself getting caught up in portions of my day-not asking God to help me through it. That’s not how we should approach our relationship with Him. We can’t fit Him in a box and take Him out only when we’re at home, in our cars, surrounded by church people, or in church. A true, meaningful doesn’t work that way. Is that how you approach friendships? a marriage? a deep relationship with another person? Then why should we treat God that way?

Obedience to Him is a resonating theme with my walk lately and nothing can smack you in the face like God speaking to you in every outlet imaginable. I once heard a friend say, “The first time God speaks-listen. The second time He speaks-take note. The third time-He’s talking to you.” It is so true. I pray that obedience to His will and His voice will be prevalent in my life, now more than ever, that I keep my eyes on Him and not on myself and what I can do. It is not me, but Christ in me that works.

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