A Year of Music

So I’ve neglected this instrument of writing for 8 months now. I decided to delete off the two posts I had and begin anew. I could think of no better way to start than by looking back at a year full of music. Not only great and anticipated releases of amazing works of art and lyric, but all the new music that I opened up to this year.

My Top Five Albums (full, listened to all the way through albums):
5. We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. by Jason Mraz-Granted the EPs that were released leading up to the third studio album were of a better fan quality, still, overall this album is amazing and leading him in a bit a of a new direction.
4. Dear Science by TV on the Radio-This is a new venture for me in this genre. It’s not alt rock, it’s definitely not pop, and I don’t think it’s techno-punk. This is number three from the band whose been around for a while, but just getting noticed here in the states thanks to their first single off the album, “Cryin’.”
3. David Cook’s self-titled debut album-Yes, I can hear several boos from the crowd, haha. Give it a listen. All the way through. He’s a true rock-enthusiast and is trying to bring it to the mainstream a bit more for those Americans who voted him number one on American Idol. I won’t lie, I tuned in to the finale (only one of the year I saw) just to see his performance.
2. Keep Coming Back by Marc Broussard-My doubts about putting this at number two are overtaken by the pure bayou sound that comes out when listening to the title track. If you don’t get into this album and see how gritty and dirty Louisiana can get, then I think you’ve partied too hard at Mardi Gras. However, “Another Night Alone” will make you thankful for that special someone in your life, or make you ball up and have a pity party with a glass of wine.
1. The Block (Deluxe Edition) by New Kids on the Block-Shocking that I’d put this at the top spot. It is what it is, and it’s not trying to be anything else. It’s a poppy representation of their dirty older men selves. It’s all the things they couldn’t say back in the 80’s and 90’s because their fans (me included) were too young. We’re all grown up now, and so are they. “2 in the Morning” is one I suggest and top it off with the cherry that is “Dirty Dancing.” I guarantee you’ll be dancing along with it in no time.

Now onto the top live acts I’ve seen this year. To recap, I’ve seen the following people this year (and my checking account can prove it): Will Hoge, Marc Broussard (3 times), Citizen Cope, Kate Voegele, Gavin DeGraw, Matt Wertz, 10 Years, O.A.R., New Kids on the Block, and Jason Mraz.
3. 10 Years at their release party for their new cd, Division. Acoustic rock. If you can pull that off, bravo. And boy did they ever. In a cramped Disc Exchange with the store packed wall to wall, and out the door.
2. Jason Mraz at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. I’ve wanted to see him in concert for a couple of years. He doesn’t tour frequently to this side of the country (or globe of late). It was inspirational. I don’t know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of having a packed auditorium singing your song back to you, but from where I sat, it was freaking amazing. “Wishful Thinking” live was the highlight.
1. O.A.R. at the Civic Coliseum Theatre. I was disappointed in the turnout of people, but that didn’t matter one bit to the guys from O.A.R. Jammed for two and half hours with a five minute respite. They did not go anywhere near their pop-pushed release “Love and Memories” and I’m thankful now. If you’ve not been to a live show, got so wrapped up in the music that you forget all the rest of life’s issues….I sincerely hope you get to experience it. It’s a joy. O.A.R. showed me what concerts are supposed to be like and makes me hungry for more like it.

Maybe tomorrow you’ll get fed with a song that moves you, leaves you full, and wondering when the next feeding is. I know I do!

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